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Q-Bioanalytic GmbH

Fischkai 1, Bio Nord
Phone : +49 0471 4832-448
Fax : +49 0471 4832-458


Stefanie Romund


Private dairy / Industry

Accreditation Organisation

DAR Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS)
Spittelmarkt 10

Coverage of Accreditation

DIN EN/IEC 17025:2005; microbiological and molecular based
methods of food and feed testing, drinking water, koi herpes virus; laboratory services and PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) Test Kits:
QuickBlue RealQuick Campylobacter jejuni (new!) QuickBlue RealQuick Clostridium perfringens (new!)
QuickBlue RealQuick Cronobacter sakazakii (Enterobakterien) (new!)
QuickBlue RealQuick Escherichia coli
QuickBlue RealQuick Escherichia coli (EHEC, O157) QuickBlue RealQuick Legionella pneumophila QuickBlue RealQuick Legionella spp. (new!) QuickBlue RealQuick Listeria monocytogenes QuickBlue RealQuick Listeria spp.
QuickBlue RealQuick Listeria innocua
QuickBlue RealQuick Listeria Triplex (Listeria Genus, L. monocytogenes, L. innocua)
QuickBlue RealQuick Pseudomonas aeruginosa QuickBlue RealQuick Salmonella spp. [Flyer – Bitte klicken] QuickBlue RealQuick Staphylococcus aureus
QuickBlue RealQuick Vibrio alginolyticus QuickBlue RealQuick Vibrio parahaemolyticus QuickBlue RealQuick Vibrio vulnificus
QuickBlue RealQuick Vibrio cholerae (non O1/non O139) (new!) QuickBlue RealQuick Vibrio cholerae-Toxinbildner (new!)
Real-Time PCR-Kit:
QuickBlue RealQuick Corylus avellana (Haselnuss) (new!) QuickBlue RealQuick Avena sativa (Hafer)
QuickBlue RealQuick Hordeum vulgare (Gerste) QuickBlue RealQuick Secale cereale (Roggen) QuickBlue RealQuick Triticum aestivum (Weizen) classical PCR-Kit:
QuickBlue Avena sativa (Hafer) QuickBlue Hordeum vulgare (Gerste) QuickBlue Secale cereale (Roggen) QuickBlue Triticum aestivum (Weizen) QuickBlue Corylus avellana (Haselnuss) QuickBlue Carya illinoinensis (Pecannuss) QuickBlue Bertholletia excelsa (Paranuss) QuickBlue Juglans regia (Walnuss)
QuickBlue Macadamia integrifolia (Macadamia) QuickBlue Pistacia vera (Pistazie)
QuickBlue Arachis hypogaea (Erdnuss) QuickBlue Anacardium occidentale (Cashew) QuickBlue Sesamum indicum (Sesam)
QuickBlue Prunus dulcis (Mandel) QuickBlue Apium graveolens (Sellerie) QuickBlue Glycine max (Soja)

Type of Milk

Cow milk

Fields of competence related to analyzing milk

National proficiency testing organizer, Information provider on analytical methods, Evaluation of analytical methods/instruments, and Research and development in analytical methods

Categories of analytical methods practised

Biochemical methods (enzym., immuno., mol. biol.), Microbiological methods, and Sensory Analysis

Milk and milk Products Tested

Liquid milk and whey (including raw milk, skim milk, homogenized,heat-treated, etc.), Butter, Cheese and Processed Cheese and Processed Cheese Preparations, Cream and Prepared Creams, Milk Powders, Cream Powder and Whey Powders, Ice creams, and Milk based desserts

Purpose of the Analytical Activity in the Laboratory

Milk recording / Dairy Herd Improvement / Dairy genetic, Food safety and nutrition (protection of consumers), Research and development in dairy industry, and Education and teaching in dairy industry (schools, universities)