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Namyang Dairy Product RD Center

160, Bonganri, Janggimyoun
Gongju City, Chungnam
South Korea
Phone : ++82418560381
Fax : +82418577933


Tae-Hong Jeon

Technical Manager (or contact person)

Jang-Hyuk Ahn


Private dairy / Industry

Accreditation Organisation

KOLAS Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme
Jungang-Dong, Gwacheon
South Korea

Coverage of Accreditation

Chemical and Microbiological testing

Type of Milk

Cow milk

Fields of competence related to analyzing milk

Information provider on analytical methods, Evaluation of analytical methods/instruments, and Research and development in analytical methods

Categories of analytical methods practised

Wet chemistry, Spectroscopic and routine methods, Physico-chemical methods, Biochemical methods (enzym., immuno., mol. biol.), Rheology, and Sensory Analysis

Milk and milk Products Tested

Liquid milk and whey (including raw milk, skim milk, homogenized,heat-treated, etc.), Cheese and Processed Cheese and Processed Cheese Preparations, Evaporated Milks and Sweetened Condensed Milks, Milk Powders, Cream Powder and Whey Powders, and Other dairy products

Purpose of the Analytical Activity in the Laboratory

Milk recording / Dairy Herd Improvement / Dairy genetic, Milk payment to producers according to milk composition and quality, Production monitoring and commercial exchanges in dairy industry, Food safety and nutrition (protection of consumers), and Food trade regulation (protection of customers)