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Gene Expression Molecular Diagnosis and Modern Therapeutics Laboratory

Dpt. of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Democritus Univ. of Thrace University Campus, Bldg. 10
Fax : ++30 25510 30624


Raphael Sandaltzopoulos



Type of Milk

Cow milk, Goat milk, and Ewe milk

Fields of competence related to analyzing milk

Research and development in analytical methods

Categories of analytical methods practised

Spectroscopic and routine methods, Chromatography, Physico-chemical methods, Biochemical methods (enzym., immuno., mol. biol.), and Microbiological methods

Milk and milk Products Tested

Liquid milk and whey (including raw milk, skim milk, homogenized,heat-treated, etc.), Cheese and Processed Cheese and Processed Cheese Preparations, and Fermented Milks

Purpose of the Analytical Activity in the Laboratory

Research and development in dairy industry and Education and teaching in dairy industry (schools, universities)